Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

APSCA Member Auditors at the RA/CSCA level are required to complete a minimum of 48 hours of CPD per calendar year, including mandatory training as outlined by APSCA. The details are  outlined in the CPD policy.

To support Member Auditors in completing their CPD, APSCA has been working to add courses to our data system. These fall into two categories: 

  1. External (open to anyone) 
  2. Internal (open to auditor associated with the specific firm offering the course) 

There are over 30 pre-recognized courses, including 14 external and 19 internal courses.

Coming Soon  – Ability to upload courses that Member Auditors have participated in, directly to their profile within the APSCA data system.

Policy & Requirements

Continuous Professional Development Trainings / Courses

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APSCA strives to support our Member Auditors and enhance auditor competencies through APSCA’S Continuous Professional Development (CPD) policy. We welcome Member Firms, partners, and affiliates to participate in this initiative by submitting an expression of interest to have their social compliance auditing-related training courses  recognized as part of APSCA’s CPD program. Recognized courses will be given a number of CPD hours which Member Auditors can note on their APSCA profile as meeting the annual requirement. Recognized courses can range from online courses to webinars, conferences, and workshops, etc. 

You can submit your training or course materials for consideration by completing our expression of interest form here.

Any questions, please contact


The following providers are APSCA recognized for CPD related courses/trainings and have been allocated CPD hours:

Note: Those courses/trainings listed below are currently available and additional courses will be posted once developed and recognized.  Courses/trainings are hosted by the provider listed. Click the link to their website to work directly with them to participate.
APSCA will continue to add links to recognized training available to the public, as applicable.
We are also reviewing trainings provided by firms and allocated CPD hours.  As most firm trainings are internal only, they may not be publicly available to book. Consult your firm for trainings/courses available to internal auditors.

Should there be other course available not already listed or captured below, please contact APSCA at:   

We welcome other courses/trainings for consideration. 

 <<< You can also look for our CPD badges for recognized trainings posted on provider websites to identify courses and hours recognized as APSCA credit – see badge sample to the left. 


WIRE, founded in 2003, brings extensive experience in social and accreditation auditing, training and capacity building. WIRE training combines theory with real-world experience in interactive courses to deliver valuable learning outcomes.

Course Titles/Hours (credits)

  • Conducting Worker Interviews (8hrs)
  • Gender Sensitive Auditing (8hrs)
  • Grievance Mechanisms & Social Dialogue (8hrs)
  • Social Auditing Using a Holistic Approach (8hrs) 

Contact Info/Website


An independent, non-profit, civil society organization, Verité is recognized for its unique credibility. Since 1995, we have partnered with hundreds of corporations, governments, and NGOs to illuminate labor rights violations in supply chains and remedy them to the benefit of workers and companies alike.

Course Titles/Hours (credits)

  • Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training (1hr)
  • Force Labor (1hr)

Contact Info/Website


Intertek is an industry leader with more than 43,800 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries. We deliver Total Quality Assurance expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our industry-winning processes and customer-centric culture. We hold extensive global accreditations, recognitions, and agreements, and our knowledge of and expertise in overcoming regulatory, market, and supply chain hurdles is unrivalled.

Course Titles/Hours (credits)

  • CPI Lead Auditor Training – 4 days (32hrs)
  • Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action (3hrs)
  • Environment Health and Safety Training (China) (16 hours)

Contact Info/Website

Sustainable Assurance Solutions

Sustainable Assurance Solutions is a boutique Corporate Social Responsibility consultancy working with corporations across the Asia Pacific region to meet their ethical and sustainable sourcing obligations, locally and globally.

Course Titles/Hours (credits)

  • CSR Auditor Training (Initial) – 2 days (16hrs)
  • CSR Auditor Training (Annual) (8hrs)
  • Interview Workshop (3hrs)
  • Auditor’s Quarterly Calibration Session (2 hrs) 

Contact Info/Website


Sedex is one of the world’s leading responsible business membership organisation, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains.
We provide an online platform, tools and services to help businesses operate responsibly and sustainably, protect workers and source ethically. Over 60,000 member organisations from over 180 countries use the Sedex platform to exchange data, manage business risk, meet compliance and drive positive impact on people.

Course Titles/Hours (credits)

  • Auditor Academy SMETA Training (8hrs)

Contact Info/Website

(Must have access to the online platform via an Affiliate Audit Company)

More to come - stay tuned!


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