Strategy & Mission

APSCA’s strategic plan outlines three key pillars to cultivate industry credibility and position our Members and Certified Social Compliance Auditors (CSCA) as the trusted professionals of Social Compliance Auditing.

As an industry association, the strategic plan outlines clear and measurable objectives to promote accountability and organisational transparency.
The plan is developed and revised annually by APSCA’s Executive Board in consultation with the Stakeholder Advisory Board. In consideration of key pillars, the following objectives and proposed deliverables are current:

1. Validation – 2019 / 2020

  • Increase auditor certification rates and improve certification accessibility
    • Develop and implement a Certified Social Compliance Auditor (CSCA) Exam for Member Auditors in English and expanding to include APSCA top 9 languages by the end of 2021.
  • Increase Membership (Firm and Auditor), expanding industry adoption of use of APSCA Members in the conducting of social compliance audits
    • Enhance and implement Audit Firm Application Process (completed)
    • Onboard new auditors (ongoing)
    • Introduce Membership category and Application Process for audit consumers including brands, retailers and collaborative programs (2020)

2. Ethics 

  • Develop and implement an ethics and integrity program for Members
    • Expand the Code of Professional Conduct to include Standards (Rules)  (completed)
    • Implement a disciplinary process for Members which includes a:
      • Disciplinary Panel  (completed)
      • Appeals Board  (completed)
    • Manage disciplinary and ethical allegations for all Members  (ongoing – quarterly meetings)

3. Stakeholder Engagement

  • Promote APSCA’s mission to increase audit utilization and credibility of audit outcomes through the enhancing the professionalism and credibility of social compliance auditors
    • Establish and implement a dynamic communications plan to improve stakeholder engagement
      • Maintain monthly communications with Members and stakeholders (ongoing)
      • Increase APSCA participation in industry events  (2020)
      • Develop and establish an Annual Supplier Event (ongoing)
      • Enhanced social media communication (ongoing)
    • Foster industry participation in APSCA’s growth and development
      • Maintain industry input via the Stakeholder Advisory Board members (Brand/Retailer and Independent) (ongoing)

Underpinning Pillars
In support of the three primary pillars of our strategic plan, APSCA will continue to strengthen and advance systems processes through:

  • Optimisation and expansion of data systems; (ongoing)
  • Standardization of industry terminology; and (completed)
  • Development of continuing professional development process (2020)

For more, download our 5 Year Anniversary Review issued September 2020 for APSCA’s latest highlights and achievements: 

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