Strategy & Funding

The 2030 strategy for APSCA focuses on three key areas: professionalism, future-proofing, and identity.

The strategy aims to enhance the credibility of APSCA member firms and auditors and become an association of and for social compliance auditors. It also aims to increase market adoption of social auditing as a valued profession and improve the user experience through better business practices.

Finally, the strategy includes expanding APSCA’s reach and influence, building awareness across the profession and society, and offering training for social auditors on the importance of transparency in human rights due diligence processes.

  • Enhance the Professionalism and credibility of APSCA Member Firms and Auditors. 
  • Become an association of and for Social Compliance Auditors. 
  • Review the governance and oversight of APSCA’s governing boards and committees.  

  • APSCA to increase market adoption and capacity levels amongst stakeholders through communication and marketing strategies that articulates social auditing as a required and valued profession. 
  • Enhance the user experience through improved business practices. 
  • Review the exam process to ensure it is effectively and efficiently evaluating the knowledge, skills and competencies of Member Auditors including identification of emerging issues. 
  • Identification of emerging issues and including into CPD and the examination process.  

  • Expand APSCA’s reach and influence internally and externally on behalf of APSCA Members in relevant forums. 
  • Build awareness across the profession, industry and society. 
  • Recognize the importance of the principle of transparency in human rights due diligence processes and offer training for social auditors.


To learn more, please download and read the complete strategy below:


To learn more about APSCA implementation of the 2030 Strategy,
please download and read about the APSCA Enhanced Funding Mechanism (announced May 2023)

List of Participating Organizations

The following will be effective: 

  • July 1 – amfori (BSCI), Sedex (SMETA), Social Accountability International/SAI (SA8000) & Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP).

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