APSCA Newsletter – May 2019

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During May, APSCA continued preparations for the implementation of the Certified Social Compliance Auditor (CSCA) examination. Through the CSCA program, APSCA aims to promote the role of the social compliance auditor and develop a workforce of committed, competent, experienced and ethical professionals. 

Enactment of the examination process reflects APSCA’s transition from a development to operational phase. 

Auditor Registrations
We are pleased to announce auditor registration advanced during May with 20 member firms having completed their registrations and many more in progress.  At this time 1,500+ auditors have completed their on-line registration.

We encourage our Member Firms to have their auditor’s subscribe to APSCA’s newsletter to stay up to date.

APSCA Members – Status Assessment
All Member Firms were recently contacted to advise that their membership status is currently being assessed against the following criteria in readiness for the implementation of the Certified Social Compliance Auditor (CSCA) exam and to prepare for APSCA’s 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for December.

All Audit Firms must be in Good Standing with APSCA to:

  • Register auditors to sit any part of the CSCA exam
  • Nominate to run for a seat on the Executive Board at the AGM 
  • Vote for Executive Board Representative 

Definition of In Good Standing:
Audit Firm

  • 2018 Audit Firm Membership Fees paid.
  • All documentation signed and returned:
    • Confidentiality Framework Agreement (including Contractual Clauses)
    • Code of Professional Conduct 
  • Auditor information submitted to APSCA and Auditors commenced on-line registration.


  • Completed on-line registration.
  • Auditor Registration Fee Paid (either by firm or individual auditor). 

Annual General Meeting
The date for audit firms to be in Good Standing for the AGM is 31 August 2018.
On 1 September, we will review the number of fully registered, employed auditors per member firm to determine Membership Category (e.g. A, B or C). All changes in Membership Category from 2018 level will be communicated to the audit firm. We will commence the AGM lead up process during the month of September based on audit firm categories as at 31 August 2018.

CSCA Examinations
We are preparing for the rollout of the CSCA Exam (Part 1 – Multiple ChoiceShort Answer) which is anticipated to begin in September.

Auditor information is being reviewed for all auditors who have completed their on-line registration, including their fees paid and assigning one of the two APSCA Auditor Levels:

  • Registered, which is eligible to sit the CSCA Exam
  • Associate (ASCA)

Please refer to the Competency Framework and Code of Professional Conduct for further details: 

Only those auditors who have the level of Registered AND are in Good Standing, will be eligible to sit the CSCA Exam. Please note the anticipated closing date for this will be 31 July 2018.

My Auditors App
APSCA are continuing to enhance Member benefits with the My Auditors App initiative targeting improved visibility of auditor registration and accreditation under the APSCA certification program. The app will be available to Member Firms whom have completed their on-line registrations. APSCA will contact these organisations directly to grant approved personnel access to the My Auditors App. This will allow Member Firms to see their auditors who have registered and assigned auditor level with APSCA.

Note:  Further assessment of an auditor’s level may be required pending Member Firm review.  

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Annual General Meeting
APSCA participated in the ASI Annual General Meeting which took place in Perth, Australia on 24 May 2018. This was a great opportunity to reinforce the relationship between ASI and APSCA.

“APSCA’s participation in the 2018 AGM Week helped raise understanding of APSCA’s work with our company and civil society members.  In a multi-stakeholder discussion about human rights challenges and opportunities, Rona Starr (APSCA President & CEO) described how APSCA is taking practical steps to enhance the professionalism and credibility of the social compliance industry.  In facing global human rights challenges relating to corruption, gender, labour rights, and the rights of Indigenous peoples, social compliance auditors can play a critical role alongside company culture and the willingness to learn and improve.  ASI appreciates the work of both APSCA and its members and is committed to supporting APSCA’s progress.” said Dr Fiona Solomon, ASI CEO.

ASI bauxite mine site visit. Photo credit:  Mark Wielga, NomoGaia

Auditor Certification Pilot
We are investigating the use of Third-Party Proctoring to execute the Multiple Choice Short Answer and Case Study examinations which are to be conducted on-line.  This will enable an efficient and cost-effective roll-out of the APSCA CSCA Examination.
Once a proctoring organisation has been selected a pilot will take place, with a view to roll-out of the examinations in Q3 2018.

Unleash Opportunity – Amsterdam, 13 June 2018
Unleash Opportunity is the leading conference dedicated to sustainable trade across Europe. Inspirational sessions on future global trends will meet practical workshops, the conference will provide tools to improve your daily supply chain operations and keep your business at the forefront of sustainable trade. 
Where: The Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam
When: 13 June 2018 

Featuring more than 20 breakout sessions, we will tackle a range of relevant issues including Chinese environmental regulations, engaging your suppliers towards maximum impact, the next industrial revolution ESG reporting, and more. 

Join these ground-breaking discussions, innovative solutions and cutting-edge tools to inspire you and keep you at the forefront of sustainable trade. ​

2018 Annual General Meeting4 December 2018, 1.00pm – 4.00pm | Hong Kong
While we will endeavor to accommodate all interested parties, seats will be limited necessitating an allocation for individual organizations.  Further details, including registration information, will be provided to members in due course. 

Out & About
Sedex and Australia Post Conference – 14 March 2018 – Melbourne, Australia
​One of our Member Firms, DQS,  Arta Beikzadah, was on a panel titled:  “How do we simplify responsible sourcing for small business in Australia”.  Arta introduced the 3 E’s.  Encouraging, Educating  and Expecting suppliers and employees.

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