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APSCA is the professional standards body for independent Social Compliance Auditors.  We represent the vast majority of social compliance audit firms nearly 5000 Auditors who audit globally. Collectively, APSCA-certified auditors conduct tens of thousands of social compliance audits annually, engage with hundreds of thousands of workers directly, and ultimately benefit millions of supply chain workers globally through the identification of labor violations.  We are the largest group of professionals conducting onsite assessments into human and labor rights issues around the world.

4994 Auditors

103 Countries

63 Firms

100+ Languages

Independent social compliance auditing continues to shift to the forefront of corporate social responsibility ‘CSR’.

Now estimated to exceed a value of USD300M, the social compliance industry is growing as consumers develop greater supply-chain awareness through peak global connectivity, as the leading industry association.

APSCA exist to enhance the professionalism, consistency and credibility of the individuals and organizations performing independent social compliance audits.

Our Values and Mission Statement

Our Values
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Our Mission
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Our Values

Our vision is to see Member Firms & Certified Social Compliance Auditors (CSCA) as the Trusted professionals in Social Compliance Auditing.

We want to improve social compliance audit quality through alignment, engagement, and professionalism.


Our Mission

To increase the value and effectiveness of independent social compliance audits by enhancing the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individuals and organizations performing them.

Join the growing organizations who are supporting APSCA in enhancement of the professionalism and credibility of independent social compliance audits.

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