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APSCA is a collaboration between the audit firms, auditors, stakeholders, and customers of the social compliance audit industry, which play a vital role in assessing and improving workplace conditions throughout global supply chains. APSCA aims to maintain and raise the value, quality, consistency and integrity of the industry, by establishing professional certification standards for social compliance auditors and the firms for which they work.

APSCA is not a regulatory body. It does not grant or deny permission to firms or individuals to perform social compliance audits. While companies and organisations may consider the credibility of APSCA membership in the engagement of social compliance auditors and audit firms, APSCA does not provide recommendations of auditors or firms.

APSCA will only grant and maintain membership to firms complying with APSCA’s Code and Standards of Professional Conduct and Competency Framework, as well as the other conditions in the Audit Firm Membership Application Form. If there are deficiencies in the policies, procedures, or other aspects of the Applicant’s social compliance audit business that APSCA, in its discretion, considers minor, then APSCA may grant the Applicant provisional membership for up to twelve months to allow the Applicant to rectify those minor deficiencies.


What does it mean to be an APSCA Member Firm?

Be a contributor in the execution of APSCA’s mission “To Enhance the Professionalism and Credibility of individuals and organisations performing independent social compliance audits.”

  • Display APSCA’s Logo on your website and promotional material.
  • Enroll your social compliance auditors with APSCA who will be eligible to apply and sit the Certified Social Compliance Auditor examination to gain APSCA certification.
  • Elect the Executive Board member to represent your member category.
  • Join a professional community – a network of people who you can share and learn best practices and keep the pendulum moving to ensure continuous improvement in the social compliance auditing industry.

APSCA’s first General Assembly, was held in New York on 3 November 2016 which saw the election of the first Executive Board. APSCA,Inc’s 2017 Annual General Meeting was held 4 December in Cologne, Germany and the 2018 Annual General Meeting took place in Hong Kong and the 2019 AGM in China.

Please see the Executive Board page for more information on our Executive Board Members.

Firm Application Documents:

3    APSCA Definition of Independence. 

4    APSCA Code and Standards of Professional Conduct. 

6    APSCA Audit Firm Membership Application Form. 

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Please note that the translatable version cannot be edited and should only be used in reference to fill out the PDF on the right.

Firm Membership Application Process & Fees:

1. Complete the Application Form and submit, along with supporting documentation via the Application Submission Form.

2. Upon review of initial application, APSCA will send an invoice for the non-refundable application fee (USD6,000).

3. Once payment and completed application have been received, the application will be processed.

4. Upon completion of 3rd party due diligence, the applicant’s name will be shared with APSCA Members for a 30 day comment period. Following that applicants will be presented to the Executive Board.

5. Upon acceptance, an invoice for the annual membership fee will be issued for the calendar year. Annual Membership Fees start at USD5,000 please see the APSCA Schedule of Fees for more information. Note: Annual membership invoices are raised in January each year.

Any questions identified during the review process, will be raised to the applicant who will be given an opportunity to clarify.

All information obtained during the application process is confidential, with only high-level information shared with the Executive Board as part of the acceptance process. 

Note: This process generally takes 6-7+ months

Firm Membership Definitions:

If accepted as an APSCA Member Firm, your membership will be classed as “Provisional”, transitioning to Full Membership once eligible.

Should you have any questions, please contact us below:

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