2021 Survey Results

Communications Survey Helps Steer Future Content

We recently conducted a survey to better understand how our Members, Stakeholders and interested parties want to hear from us and ways in which we can improve our communications. We had a terrific response, with nearly 400 people completing the survey and 80% of respondents being APSCA Member Auditors.

As promised, we wanted to share some of the survey results with you as we prepare to refine our communications channels to meet your needs.


When it came to frequency of communication, 55% of respondents felt that monthly communications, our current timeframe, is appropriate, with 20% wanting weekly, 17% twice a month and 9% quarterly.

We’re already planning to increase the frequency and variety of content via social media to enhance our communications.

While the survey focused on our communications tools, results captured comments about communications related to the exam and other specific issues. Areas of opportunity included:

  • Clearer communication about deadlines, guidelines, and exam expectations.
  • More materials for languages other than English.
  • More clarity on how exam scores are calculated.
  • The ability to see which questions were incorrect and other feedback.

In the coming weeks those sitting Part II will see enhancements to the feedback received in the exam report and we will be adding this to the Part III report in due course.

Covid-19 has bought many challenges, including moving all of our events and meet-ups to an online space. With the easing of restrictions in many countries, 66% of participants would like to see these events continue to be accessible online. We are constantly trying to find new ways to make these events engaging, informative, and accessible.

Overall, the survey received 345 suggestions and recommendations. We have reviewed each of the suggestions to enhance our communications and our value to you.

APSCA’s mission is to increase the value and effectiveness of independent social compliance audits by enhancing the professionalism and credibility of individuals and organizations performing them. Communicating to you and others is an important step in the journey to accomplish our Mission.

Thank you for helping us improve and serve you better. Be sure to look out for future updates on how we’re using your feedback to improve APSCA.

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