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To enhance the professionalism and credibility of the individuals and organizations performing independent social compliance audits
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APSCA Newsletter – Februrary 2022

Greetings, and Happy New Year. We hope you were able to enjoy some refreshing downtime during the holidays with those who mean the most to you.

Just as exciting as the metaphorical new beginning that a new year brings is that we are also celebrating the Year of the Tiger! As APSCA kicks off our 7th year of working with our members and stakeholders around the globe. All indicators point to a robust business environment in which WE all can thrive. The pandemic shows signs of coming under better control, with more people expressing enthusiasm about returning to safe workplaces. Companies are hiring in untold numbers during the “Great Reshuffle.” Social compliance standards will remain top of mind for the foreseeable future as talent remains scarce and companies pull out every stop to ensure that they can fuel their competitive growth engines with the all-important “people first” agenda

This issue covers what’s on tap for 2022: new education, key dates, events, a recap of Ethics Investigations from 2021, Practice Exams and more. Read on to learn more.


We welcome your feedback on how we can continually improve the value we deliver. If there is a new or better way we may be of service, a new resource you would like to see, or a question or concern, contact us any time.

Here’s to 2022. May the highly anticipated Year of The Tiger bring you health, wealth and happiness.


Note: If your firm is not yet an APSCA Member Firm, we would welcome the opportunity to help you explore the benefits of membership. To learn more (and schedule a brief discussion) contact us at membership@theapsca.org


Further highlights are provided below.




Are you preparing to sit your Part I or Part II exam and looking for some extra resources?
Because practice makes us feel more at ease and empowered to demonstrate our capabilities, we have added to the tools to assist you in putting your best foot forward during the certification exam journey. Part I  & Part II Practice Exams are available and can be used to practice the right click translate feature. We encourage you to access this new tool on the APSCA website to familiarize yourself with the style of the exams, along with the type of questions and exercises you’ll encounter. 
Please click here to take a look at the Practice Exam.










In 2021 the Ethics Team completed their investigations of the 2020 Exam Misconduct which involved more than 80 Auditors. In addition, the Disciplinary Board for Member Auditors (DBMA) were presented cases throughout the year resulting in 7 Membership revocations and 11 Membership suspensions. In addition, the team opened another 48 cases, with some currently under investigation.

2022 Annual Ethics Report
Every year, Member Firms are required to submit to APSCA an annual report relating to their ethics and integrity programs. To better understand Members’ programs, we ask questions relating to Member Firms’ complaint-handling activities and integrity management as required by sections 5.2.4 and 2.3 of the APSCA Code and Standards of Professional Conduct. This assists APSCA’s Ethics Team in identifying areas of opportunity for both our team and our Members.

Systemic Issue Alerts for Member Firms
In addition to dealing with violations of the APSCA Code and Standards of Professional Conduct, this year the Ethics Team  will be increasing efforts to address systemic issues that we identify across the industry. One way we will be doing this is to issue Systemic Issue Alerts to Member Firms. Systemic Issue Alerts will serve as both guidance and as an educational tool for Member Firms to identify issues and enhance the training for their Member Auditors in adhering to the APSCA Code and Standards of Professional Conduct.





In the spirit of continuous improvement, APSCA has been actively working to optimize our business processes and related documentation.
Thus far in 2022, APSCA has released updated consolidated instructions on how to book exams, and separated our exam request process (documents) to better support the expanded language offerings. Please reference our resource library here.

As part of our work supporting the APSCA Governance pillar, we are working through a comprehensive review of all of our documents and process’ in 2022.

Exam Eligibility
For all CSCA Exams (Parts I – III) Auditors must consult with their Member Firm to confirm eligibility to sit each exam and obtain information on the 2022 exam fees.  Please follow the guidance in the Auditor Handbook and work with your Member Firm or APSCA prior to scheduling/sitting any exam.
Should you have any questions or require clarification on the exam eligibility process, contact us at Director@theapsca.org 

CSCA Exams and Languages:
Parts I & II are available in 10 languages (English, Spanish, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Bangla, Thai, and Vietnamese).
With the assistance of technology, APSCA has expanded these exams to cover another 92 languages. See below to learn more about this feature!

Part III is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese.
We are in the final stages of testing to provide Part III in all languages with the support of translators.
Please see the Resource Library
 on our website for more information.

APSCA has partnered with an organization which offers 240 different languages. They have the experience, team and technology to convert the complexities of our language requirements into a powerful asset for APSCA and our Members.  We are excited to work together with them to improve the process for our Member Auditors sitting the Part III exam. For more information about our translation partner, please click here.







APSCA, can accommodate exams in languages supported by right click translate technology (92 additional languages).

We have been piloting the use of right click translate technology in the exam process for an extended period of time and would like to remind Member Firms and Member Auditors that this capability is available.
Instructions are available here.











During the 2021 Annual General Meeting, APSCA presented updates on Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We have received a number of questions and would like to take this opportunity to clarify some of the initial information.

Mandatory and non-mandatory CPD
2021 CPD WAS NOT mandatory and will not affect Auditor level certification for 2022.
2022 CPD IS mandatory and may impact Auditor Membership (level and/or status) for 2023. (See the CPD Policy below for more information).

Updated CPD Policy
APSCA updated the CPD policy in December to simplify the process and clarify terminology.
Examples of revised terminology are:
1) better distinguishing mandatory vs. elective topics; and
2) recognized courses vs. independent submissions.

If you are an Auditor, we encourage you to read and become familiar with the updated policy.

Reporting your CPD
We have provided detailed instructions for submitting CPD in Auditor’s APSCA online account (My Account).
Note: APSCA has been working through an issue with the workflow approval of CPD requests in our online system with our IT provider. We are happy to report that the system issue has been resolved and we are working thru the back log, anticipating to have all 2021 requests processed by the end of February. We thank you for your patience.

For more information on the CPD changes and enhancements, visit the CPD section of our website

Be sure to browse the updated list of recognized trainings. Participation in recognized training can be easily reported by Auditors within the APSCA Online system.

Are You a Training Provider?
We welcome Member Firms, Collaborative Programs Training providers, partners, and affiliates to participate in this initiative by submitting an expression of interest form to have their social compliance auditing-related learning recognized as part of APSCA’s CPD program.

Recognized courses are assigned a specific quantity of CPD hours that Member Auditors can note on their APSCA profile as meeting the annual requirement. Courseware can range from online training to webinars, conferences, workshops and more. You can submit your learning materials for consideration by completing our expression of interest form. This quarter, we will issue further guidance on CPD to help Member Auditors and Member Firms meet this requirement effectively in 2022.

For questions, please contact cpd@theapsca.org.





APSCA has recently launched Digital Membership Cards. The new digital credential improves upon the previously issued CSCA cards by creating a digital identification for Member Auditors of all levels and statuses.

Updated every 24 hours, the digital solution will make it easier for facilities to verify Auditors and for Member Auditors to monitor their level and status.

The Digital Membership Card offers a clear visual indicator of an auditor’s level and includes a QR code linking to our portal to obtain additional information and, if needed, further verification of an APSCA Member Auditor’s status and level.
APSCA is requesting our Member Auditors’ assistance in testing the digital format, and we further ask that all APSCA Member Auditors check your beta test card within your Auditor’s APSCA online account.
We encourage all stakeholders and facility management to request the Digital Membership Card when a Member Auditor(s) arrives on-site to conduct a Social Compliance Audit. This tool should be used to verify the Auditor’s identity, Membership Status and Level by using the QR code and confirming their details in our verification portal.

If at any point you are concerned over the authenticity of the Auditor, please contact the Member Firm directly, or contact APSCA for assistance.

Learn more about the Digital Membership Card today. We welcome your questions and feedback.






To better serve our Membership and interested parties, we established a Resource Library on APSCA’s website. The library provides a comprehensive directory of member documents, key dates, exam guides, webinars for exam preparation and more! 

The APSCA resource library layout will be changing in the coming months.  
Watch this newsletter and our website for more details and changes.

APSCA’s latest policies and Guidance Documents are available. 

Visit our website to access the resources.





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