APSCA Newsletter April 2019

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​During April, the development of APSCA’s Auditor Certification Program formed a core focus. Part II of the CSCA Examination was piloted with results informing process optimisation ahead of a soft launch scheduled for early June.

Participants of the CSCA Exam Part I continued to maintain a strong pass rate during the month while April realised a 5% increase in auditor enrollments since December 2018.   

CSCA Exam Part 1 
Participants have maintained a strong pass rate during Q1 with the rate of exam completion and scheduling increasing substantially.

​Pilot CSCA Exam Part II (English) 

As APSCA continues to advance the auditor certification program the focus is shifting toward the soft-launch of Part II CSCA exam in early June. In anticipation, a pilot was completed during April with results currently subject to review. Further details will be provided in the May Newsletter.

APSCA Auditor Enrollments
Auditor enrollments continued to increase during the month, reflecting a growth of approximately 5% since December 2018. 

Executive and Stakeholder Board Updates
It is with much disappointment we announce the resignation of Jan Saumweber from the APSCA Stakeholder and Executive Boards.  Despite her short appointment, Jan has been instrumental in supporting our strategic plan; imparting a legacy which will continue to foster our mission well beyond her tenure. 

We also farewell Bernardo Cruzo, Wesley Wilson and Elizabeth (Betsy) Borelli. Bernado and Wesley were founding members of the Stakeholder Board established in 2015 while Betsy joined in 2017 (Wesley also held a role on the Executive Board between 2016 – 2018). Each were fundamental to the growth and advocacy of APSCA during the Association’s formative years. 

In replacement of our departing board members we welcome :

  • Brendan Morrissey – Director for Governance on the Responsible Sourcing Team at Walmart and
  • Todd Nash – Director of Responsible Sourcing at The Home Depot.

​Please visit our website to read more about our newest Stakeholder Board Members with details on further expansion expected during June. 

In Case You Missed It 

ProctorU APSCA Case Study
During April, ProctorU (APSCA’s independent exam proctor) released a case study on APSCA’s auditor examination process. The case study ‘How Online Proctoring Beats In-Person Exam Administration to Securely Certify Social Compliance Auditors’, provides insight into the rationale behind APSCA’s examination format and process. Importantly, ProctorU outlines measures to preserve exam integrity with APSCA’s President and CEO Rona Starr commenting “The more credibility that we can build and demonstrate to the people that are asking for APSCA certified auditors, the better for us as an industry association”.

Watch Rona Starr, explain how remote proctoring through ProctorU is helping APSCA scale its certification exams process, save costs, increase prevention of integrity breaches and provide evidence of breaches that did occur. 

Reminder – New Firm Membership Application Process
APSCA’s Audit Firm Membership Application process has been formally released with details available via the link below. All applications should be sent to applications@theapsca.org.

Reminder: All existing members also need to reapply – get in early! For more information email Kelly.Jo@theapsca.org 

FAQs – Now Available 
Be sure to check out APSCA’s newly updated FAQ page. Have a question? We’ve got answers here.  
Don’t see a question/answer you’re looking for? Contact us at Director@theapsca.org 

Where We’ll Be – APSCA Out and About 
May1: NBC Universal 2019 Global Brand Standards Summit – Denver, CO (USA) 

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