Newsletter – November 2017

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 Auditor Certification Pilot Turkey – Update
We are excited to be sending an interim Newsletter to provide you with an update regarding the Auditor Certification Pilot which took place this week in Istanbul, Turkey.

 The pilot took place over 2 days, with different participants each day.  Upon arrival the participants were allocated a number and were divided into 3 groups.  Each group then rotated throughout the day to complete the following exams:

1.  Multiple Choice & Short Answer.
2.  Case Studies.
3.  Simulated Interviews.

The simulated interviews were based on the following scenarios:

1.  Opening Meeting.
2.  Closing Meeting.
3.  Employee Interview.

We appreciate the 11 member audit firms that sent their auditors to participate and the 31 auditors that were so willing to spend the day helping us to improve and refine the process.
Day 1 ran well but as you would expect, we experienced a few logistical learnings which we were able to modify throughout the day, seeing a smoother run for Day 2.

We consulted with the participants  and refined the scenarios for the simulated interviews and improved and aligned our scoring .  We were then able to successfully test these throughout Day 2.

Whilst being without phones all day proved challenging for many, we did all survive through to the end of the day!
Our next steps include reviewing and consolidating the learnings and results from the various exams and will share more in our December Newsletter and at the Annual General Meeting in Germany next month.

A big thank you to all of the auditors who participated who completed multiple exam types in technical English.  We appreciated that for most English was their second language and therefore made for a more challenging day.


Day 1 Participants

Individual Interviews

On-Line and Case Study Exam

Day 2 Participants

Thanks to our fabulous interviewers for your efforts over the last two days!

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