Annual Meeting of Members and Stakeholders 2023

Videos From Our Panel Sessions

CPD Recognized Video Trainings

There are five CPD-recognized pieces of training available from the 2023 AMM. These videos are available for viewing on CPD On-Demand for those who are registered. If you are not already registered for CPD On-Demand, please sign up here to access both these pieces of training and other CPD-recognized trainings. 

After viewing the session, be sure to submit your CPD via your APSCA Online Account (My Account). When submitting your CPD to indicate which session(s) you have viewed, please use the below course codes for your respective session(s): 

15 November 2023

  • APSCA-006 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting – Responsible Recruitment Training 

16 November 2023

  • APSCA-007 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting – The Audit Journey 

17 November 2023

  • APSCA-008 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting – Keynote: Converging Forces 
  • APSCA-009 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting – Emerging Legislation Unveiled 
  • APSCA-010 APSCA 2023 Annual Meeting – Dynamic Transformations  

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Key Quotes From Our Panelists

“As we consider the evolution of the audit, I think it is important to reiterate that in every case, the audit is one tool in the toolkit of a company’s assessment of their supply chain risks and practices. That is a core concept for understanding the future of social auditing.”

– Rachelle Jackson

“APSCA standards are rooted in why we do this in the first place – which is not to check the box; it’s about protecting workers, it’s about human impact.”

– Frank Dorssers

“None of us know what audits will look like in 2030, much less 2050. But wherever this unfolding path takes us, I am certain that it will be largely shaped and illuminated by APSCA and its members.” 

– Paul Lalli 


“Most skills can be trained … but you can’t train honesty or ethics. You must bring that with you”


“Public awareness of forced labor is rapidly increasing; as social auditors, we have a key responsibility to uncover important issues.” 

– Ben Bostock 

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