Board of Directors Transition

March 2024 marks the exciting start of our journey towards forming a new Board of Directors (BOD), set to replace the existing Executive Board.

Member Firms, it’s your chance to have your say by nominating candidates you believe will best serve the BOD. A review committee evaluate nominees using our Board-advised Skills Matrix. Once the committee picks the top candidates, the campaigning will begin in the lead-up to a formal election. Check out the timeline below for a detailed plan to implement this transition and select the new BOD!

About the Transition

Following consultations with our Members in 2023, we’ve decided to transition our Executive Board into a governance-focused Board of Directors (BOD). This shift aims to strengthen our governance structure and ensure long-term sustainability.

The new BOD will comprise four seats for Member Firms and four for the Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB), promoting balanced representation. Member Firm seats will include one each for A-Firms, B-Firms, C-Firms, and an “At Large” seat. Nominees will be chosen from their categories and voted on accordingly.

SAB seats will include one each for Brands/Retailers, Collaborative Programs, Independents, and an “At Large” seat. Nominees will be determined by the SAB.

Nominations began in February, with category elections set for April for Member Firms and final SAB nominations. The Nomination Committee used the Board Skills Matrix for nominee evaluation and conducted interviews with prospective nominees to further evaluate suitability and qualification for nomination. 

APSCA welcomed nominations from individuals of diverse racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds. Nominees who can bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise to the Board are strongly encouraged to apply.

We’re excited about these changes and your involvement in building a stronger, more inclusive governance structure.

BOD Election Hub

Your central location for information regarding the nomination and election process. This page is available to Member Firms only.
Please check this page frequently as new resources and updates will be made available according to the above timeline.
The Board Skills Matrix and link to nomination form are available on the BOD Transition login page (available to Member Firms only).
  • Voting closes for the At Large category seat

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