APSCA Newsletter July 2021

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APSCA Newsletter July 2021

All of us are continuing to adapt to life and business with a pandemic which continues to adjust our day to day and results in one human value, communications, being more important than ever. That’s why APSCA encourages you to participate in our communications survey. Your support will enable us to deliver to you news and information which is valuable, timely and convenient all year long. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to complete the survey
Welcome to our newest team member, Alex Nasr, who is our Director of Code and Compliance who will continue to grow our ethics and integrity efforts.
As our global outreach continues, we’re please to introduce our Auditor Handbook in two additional languages.

Further highlights are provided below.

As APSCA works to continuously improve our way of communicating with our  56 Member Firms, over 4000 Member Auditors and numerous Stakeholders, who operate in more than 90 countries, we have developed a survey to enable us to hear from you as to how we can better communicate. 

We welcome your input however also appreciate hearing anything additional we may have not asked but you would like us to know.

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Thank you! – APSCA Team


We are pleased to announce that Alex Nasr commenced as Director of Code and Compliance on 26 July.

Alex is an investigations and research professional with a focus in recent years on fraud and compliance issues. Alex most recently was director of the investigations practice at investigations and diligence firm Blackpeak. He has been living and working in Hong Kong/China since 2005.

We are excited to have Alex join us and drive the leadership of APSCA’s Ethics and Integrity efforts.


We also would like to announce the promotion of Emma Youngman, who is now our Data & Compliance Co-ordinator.  Emma has played a couple of roles with APSCA over the last few years, starting off as an Intern for APSCA for one semester as part of her International Business degree.  She joined us part-time moving to full-time during 2020 in the role of Data Administrator.

Emma has been covering the Code and Compliance role for the last two  months and will continue to support Alex with the Ethics & Integrity function while also completing her Master of Ethics.

Welcome Alex and Congratulations to Emma!

Please report issues to ethics@theapsca.org

Expression of Interest – Continuous Professional Development Trainings / Courses:

APSCA strives to support our Member Auditors and enhance auditor competencies through APSCA’S Continuous Professional Development (CPD) policy. We welcome Member Firms, partners, and affiliates to participate in this initiative by submitting an expression of interest to have their social compliance auditing-related training courses  recognized as part of APSCA’s CPD program. Recognized courses will be given a number of CPD hours which Member Auditors can note on their APSCA profile as meeting the annual requirement. Recognized courses can range from online courses to webinars, conferences, and workshops, etc. 
You can submit your training or course materials for consideration by completing our expression of interest form here.

Any questions, please contact Director@theapsca.org


Auditor Handbook Now Available in Portuguese and Turkish

APSCA’s Auditor Handbook is also available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Italian and now Portuguese and Turkish, (with Bangla, Vietnamese and Thai to come soon). 

 Reminder:  APSCA’s Auditor Handbook is not publicly available or posted on the website. Member Auditors are advised to consult with their Member Firm for a copy of the latest version.

Guidance 2: Use of Subcontractors and Partner Organizations

APSCA’s guidance on use of subcontractors or partner organizations.
Visit APSCA’s Resource Library page for a copy of the PPT presentation including notes.

No description available.

For all CSCA Exams (Parts I – III) Auditors must consult with their Member Firm to confirm eligibility to sit each exam. Please ensure you follow the guidance in the Auditor Handbook and notify APSCA prior to enrolling for any exam.

Should you have any questions or need clarification on the exam eligibility process, please contact us at Director@theapsca.org  

CSCA Exams & Languages:

  • Part I is available available in ten languages (English, Spanish, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Bangla, Thai, and Vietnamese).
  • Part II is available in four languages (English, Spanish, Simplified & Traditional Chinese), with the additional six languages coming soon.
  • Part III is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese.  

Please see our website, Resource Library to assist with your preparation and for more information.

Auditor Enrollments
As of July 27, 2021 total enrolled Auditors exceeded 4,300 with a summary by Auditor level provided below.


To better serve our Membership and interested parties, we established a Resource Library on APSCA’s website. The library provides a comprehensive directory of member documents, key dates, exam guides, webinars for exam preparation and more! 

To further enhance this page, we have added:

Key messages will be posted to the new ‘announcements’ section for both general and exam related topics and they will be updated on an ongoing basis. 

APSCA’s latest policies and Guidance Documents are available. 

Document Translations
Further to our existing member documents, available in English, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), APSCA continues to translate member documents in additional languages to better serve our global membership and community. Additional updates will be provided in due course though we encourage you to regularly review the Resource Page to see the latest documents and translations as they are released.

Visit our website to access the resources.

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APSCA Communications Survey – We Want to Hear From You!

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We Want To Hear From You! 

We welcome your input. Click and view below for a brief survey to help us better serve you and improve our communications efforts. 

Thank you! – APSCA Team 


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