APSCA Newsletter February 2020

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February proved a challenging month for APSCA as participation in the CSCA examination program was hindered by the Coronavirus. Despite this a total of 469 exams have been completed during 2020 with a strong pass rate across both Part I and Part II; 900 exams are scheduled for March.

A new provisional Member Firm (SAI Global) was welcomed during the month while several other applications are currently being processed.

We are also pleased to announce registration for the June 8, Stakeholder Event has now opened. Providing an open and insightful forum for industry collaboration we encourage you to secure your tickets now to avoid missing out.

For more highlights, read below.

Disciplinary Board – Allegations and Sanctions

APSCA’s Disciplinary Board met in February and heard six (6) cases.  The results of these hearings are summarized below:

APSCA are reviewing their processes and protocols to formulate a Disciplinary Handbook and will make this available to Member Firms in the coming weeks. In the meantime, should you have any questions related to disciplinary and appeals processes, please email discplinaryboard@theapsca.org.

Save The Date –
Stakeholder Events for 2020

During 2020, APSCA will hold three Stakeholder Events – further information will be shared shortly. In the meantime please mark these dates in your calendar! The events will provide further opportunity to foster collaboration within our industry and celebrate new Auditor Certifications under APSCA’s CSCA program.

Save The Dates: 
  • Cologne, Germany  – 8 June 2020 
  • Bangkok, Thailand  – 6 August 2020 
  • Washington DC, USA  – 17 November 2020

Coming Soon – Resource Page on APSCA Website

APSCA is working on providing a Resource page on the website to improve accessibility to reference documents (including available translations) for our Members and Stakeholders. These will include the likes of the Competency Framework, our Code & Standards of Professional Conduct, Glossary of Terms and Use of APSCA Number (Member Auditor Guide).

We are currently having these documents translated into Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) and encourage you to stay tuned for news on when this page has been published.

In the meantime, available documents are posted on the website and are publicly accessible.

See here: theapsca.com/about-us

Use of APSCA Number (Member Auditor Guide)

To help inform and support our Members with the proper use of Member Auditor’s APSCA Number, this guide addresses key uses of an Auditor’s membership number as noted under APSCA’s Code & Standards of Professional Conduct and Competency Framework.  Learn more here.

Reminder: Pathway 3 – Competency Framework Update

APSCA’s latest version of the Competency Framework now includes a third pathway in which Member Auditors can qualify for Registered Level Auditor (RA) status. 

Please refer to our Competency Framework for a detailed outline of required qualifications to be considered eligible for RA status through Pathway 3. 

Website Accessibility

In late 2019, APSCA were made aware of website accessibility issues affecting certain countries. Following further investigation, a solution was identified and we are pleased to report subsequent upgrades to the website are expected to resolve these issues shortly – we appreciate your patience with this matter.

In the meantime please contact us via email (director@theapsca.org) if you require any information or access to forms and documents. 

Please note the website address will not change.

Provisional Member Announcement

Congratulations to our newest APSCA Member Firm, SAI Global on your commitment to the realization of APSCA’s mission “To enhance the Professionalism and Credibility of individuals and organisations performing independent social compliance audits”.

For information on Firm Membership definitions and how your Firm can commence the application process, please visit our website.   

Membership Application Process

APSCA’s Audit Firm Membership Application process was formally released last released November 2018. Details can be found on our website.  All applications should be sent to applications@theapsca.org..

Important Reminder - Member Firm Deadline June 2020

ALL Member Firms who were accepted as an APSCA Provisional Member Firm prior to 2019, MUST reapply BEFORE June 2020.

If you are unsure if your firm needs to re-apply, please email director@theapsca.org

CSCA Examination Update

During February, rates of examination completion were significantly inhibited by the Coronavirus. Of the 700 exams scheduled for February, some 33% had to be postponed with 900 now scheduled for March

Part I Exam Results

A total of 292 CSCA Part I exams have been completed during 2020 with a pass rate of 83%. Results of completed exams are provided below.

CSCA Exam Part II

A total of 177 CSCA Part II exams have been completed during 2020 with a pass rate of 73%. Results of completed exams are provided below.

For all CSCA Exams (Part I – III) auditors are encouraged to confirm their eligibility BEFORE they schedule each exam. Please ensure you follow the guidance in the Auditor Handbook to notify APSCA prior to enrolling to sit the exam. If you have attempted an exam and experienced IT issues, you need to inform APSCA that you are rescheduling your exam to have a new invoice raised.

CSCA Exams Part I and II are now available in four languages (English, Spanish, Simplified & Traditional Chinese).

CSCA Exam Part III interviews are anticipated to launch in early April 2020 in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese

Auditor Enrollments

During February, the total number of enrolled auditors increased to 4,300 (as of 28 February 2020).

FAQs – Helpful Resources on the Website

Be sure to check out APSCA’s updated FAQ page. Have a question We’ve got answers here.  

Don’t see a question / answer you’re looking for? Contact us at Director@theapsca.org.

APSCA Out and About

05 March – JTI Advisory Council Meeting (Switzerland)
16 March – Disciplinary & Appeals Boards Working Group 
17 March – APSCA Executive Board Meetings (London, UK) 
18 March – Sedex Europe Conference (London, UK) 


Our news and thoughts on the Social Compliance industry

Press Release

Industry Press Releases

​Verite  in partnership with the /  UN Special Rapporteur on Human Trafficking held a workshop 31 October 2016 in New York, which many of APSCA members attended.  Follow this link to see their press release.  To get involved, contact Philip Hunter from Verite

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