APSCA Newsletter June 2019

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​During June, CSCA Part I examinations continued with a strengthening pass rate (78%) across the four language offerings. Audit Firm Membership was bolstered by the welcoming of three new provisional Member Firms while auditor enrollments realized a 68% year on year increase.

CSCA Exam Part 1
With a total of 836 exams completed to date, pass rates for Part I of the CSCA examination increased to 78% during June. Performance across the three language offerings remained strong with the  breakdown of successful participants by exam language comprising (approximately):

  • English 52%
  • Chinese (Simplified) 43%
  • Spanish 4%
  • Chinese (Traditional) 1% 

Pilot CSCA Exam Part II (English)
Cumulative pass rates from Part II of the CSCA examination demonstrated a slight decline during June to 66%.

Participants demonstrated strong competency across the following  foundational skills and functional knowledge areas

  • Harassment and Abuse Practices
  • Management Systems
  • Forced Labour
  • Freedom of Association
  • Discrimination and Disciplinary Practices 

Areas for improvement included:

  • Appropriate use of APSCA member number
  • Underage labor
  • Wages, benefits and terms of employment
  • Working Hours and Overtime
  • Problem Solving and Analytical

To enhance exam performance, applicants are strongly encouraged to:

  • review the Auditor Handbook prior to the examination and 
  • carefully follow question instructions

APSCA Auditor Enrollments
During June, the total number of enrolled auditors reached over 3,500 to realize a 68% year on year increase (from June 2018). 

Updated – Code & Standards of Professional Conduct
APSCA’s Code & Standards of Professional Conduct (English) were updated during June with the new version available one our website – click here to view. 

Translated versions in Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese to follow. Stay tuned! 

Provisional Member Announcements
We are pleased to welcome three new provisional Member Firms; ABS Quality Evaluations IncAPCER and QIMA Limited. Congratulations on your commitment to the realization of APSCA’s mission “To Enhance the Professionalism and Credibility of individuals and organisations performing independent social compliance audits.”

For information on Firm Membership definitions and how your Firm can commence the application process please visit our website.

Membership Application Process
APSCA’s Audit Firm Membership Application process was formally released last November. Details can be found on our website.  All applications should be sent to applications@theapsca.org.

Membership Reminders [Action Required]

Member Firms
All existing members need to reapply by June 30, 2020.
Member Auditors
If you are a “Registered Level” auditor and have not submitted your audit log, you must ensure this is completed by no later than July 30, 2019.

Don’t wait until the last minute!  Get in early!  
For more information email KellyJo.Potts@theapsca.org

FAQs – Now Available 
Be sure to check out APSCA’s newly updated FAQ page. Have a question? We’ve got answers here.  
Don’t see a question/ answer you’re looking for? Contact us at Director@theapsca.org 

June proved to be a very busy month for APSCA with representatives attending several events to further promote our global mission.

As a collaboration between audit firms, auditors, stakeholders and audit consumers, these events continue to strengthen our connection to industry and allow APSCA to better service our growing membership.

Be sure to connect via APSCA’s official LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to stay up to date!

Left: As well as providing an insightful snapshot of emerging trends in sustainable trade, the amfori – Trade with Purpose #unleashopportunity conference provided a forum to gather past and present members of our Executive Board. Top Right:  At the Sino-German Sustainability Summit hosted by TUVRheinland. Bottom Right: Stakeholder Board meeting hosted by The Walt Disney Company headquarters (Burbank, California).

Member Firm and Auditors – Dates to Remember 
30 July 2019: Audit logs to be provided to APSCA for review to validate and maintain Registered Level Auditor (RA) 

ALL “Registered” (RA) Level auditors already in APSCA’s data system who have not submitted an audit log must provide their signed audit log to validate their APSCA level per the due date above. Should an audit log not be received, the auditor will be re-assigned to the level of ASCA.

As a reminder, ASCA auditors can NOT audit on their own, they must be accompanied by a RA level auditor.  Refer to APSCA Code of Professional Conduct and Competency Framework.  Any questions please contact us at: director@theapsca.org 

Questions? Send them here.

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