APSCA Newsletter – March 2019

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At the cessation of Q1, we are pleased to announce significant progress toward the realization of APSCA’s 2019 strategic plan.

March capitalized on the recent acceleration of the auditor certification program with APSCA’s new Certification Coordinator to continue enhancement of exam scheduling and coordination from mid-April. Part II of the CSCA exam is set to move toward the forefront of piloting ahead of a soft-launch early-June.

CSCA Exam Part 1
Participants have maintained a strong pass rate during Q1 with the rate of exam completion and scheduling increasing substantially.

Pilot CSCA Exam Part II (English) 
As APSCA continues to advance the auditor certification program the focus is shifting toward the soft-launch of Part II CSCA exam in early June. In anticipation, a number of tests are scheduled to commence during April.

We look forward to sharing the learnings and feedback in the next Newsletter. 

Reminder – New Firm Membership Application Process
APSCA’s Audit Firm Membership Application process has been formally released with details available via the link below. All applications should be sent to applications@theapsca.org.

See Firm Application Process Here


APSCA’s New Certification Coordinator 

APSCA would like to announce that Essie Grant has joined the APSCA Team
​as the Certification Coordinator.

Essie Grant joins APSCA after 4 years with the Foxconn Corporation where she worked as a Safety Coordinator and Global SER Manager and also attained certifications as a Labor, Ethics, Environmental, Health and Safety Auditor. As a graduate of The University of Virginia at Wise, Essie holds a degree in the French language and enjoys spending time with family and going to the gym. 

APSCA Auditor Enrollments
Auditor enrollments increased during the month, following updates to the auditor registry during February which resulted in the attribution of an ‘inactive status’ for approximately 170 auditors. 

Where We’ll Be – APSCA Out and About 

  • Mar 26 – 27: Sedex Conference – London
  • Mar 28-29: APSCA Executive Board Meeting – London 

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