INAUGURAL GENERAL Meeting – Election of APSCA Executive Board

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The Executive Director of the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) is pleased to announce during the Inaugural General Meeting, the following members were elected by their peers to the Executive Board.

Chair                               Avedis Seferian – WRAP
Executive Director                                 Rona Starr
​Stakeholder Board Representatives
                                  Randy Rankin – Independent
                                     Wesley Wilson – Wal-Mart

A Member Representatives
                                              Betty Hutchison – BV
                                   Christophe Liebon – Intertek
                                      Pierre-Yves Dupont – SGS
                                                    Fred Waelter – UL
B Member Representatives
                                     Antonio Astone – DNV-GL
                          Frank Dorssers – TUV Rheinland
C Member Representative
                             Greg Gardner – Arche Advisors

“APSCA is officially up and running to fulfil its mission of enhancing the professionalism and credibility of the individuals and organizations performing independent social compliance audits. This marks a real turning point for this industry and to begin the journey of setting, maintaining, and raising standards for professionals engaged in providing the very challenging and very important service of social audits,” said Avedis Seferian, Chair, Executive Board.

​The three working groups also came together during this week, consulting with their extended members as progress continues on audit definition, auditor competencies and audit firm requirements.  Working Group 1 and 2 also held open sessions to commence the public feedback component of their work.  We will be updating the website with this information in the coming weeks. 

“We were pleased to host over 100 participants this week in New York – these face-to-face meetings saw the 3 working groups make great progress and we are energized by the level of engagement,” said Rona Starr, Executive Director.

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APSCA Executive Board L-R Front Row: Avedis Seferian (Chair), Betty Hutchison (BV), Rona Starr (APSCA), Pierre Yves Dupont (SGS), Greg Gardner (Arche), Christophe Liebon (Intertek) Back Row: Frank Dorssers (TUV), Randy Rankin (Independent), Wesley Wilson (WalMart), Josh Warren (UL), Antonio Astone (DNV GL)


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